PP String Wound Cartridge Filters per box of 25

PP String Wound Cartridge Filters per box of 25

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2.5 Inch Polypropylene String Wound Cartridge Filters.

The PP string Wound Filter Cartridge is a liquid filtration item that can catch particles and dirt and collect the contamination effectively. the filter media is a PP material line that string around a PP core, them form into a filter cartridge.

It is a pre filter for liquid filtration, the efficiency is 1 to 10 um. Adding PP string filter can enlarge the service life of pleated membrane filter and higher efficiency filters.

  • 20" -   1 micron - $4.80
  • 20" - 10 micron - $4.80
  • 40" -   1 micron - $8.70

Items are sold per box or per pallet. Each box contains 25 cartridge filters.

Material of Constructions
Media Polypropylene
Inner Core Polypropylene
Outer Diameter 63mm ( 2.5” )
Inner Diameter 28mm
Length 20”, 40”
Max. Operating temperature PP:80℃